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Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

My words, myself and i

Spanish, French and Italian may get their day in the sun as the “romance languages," but English is nothing short of lyrical.

At least I strive to make it that way.

You’ll hear it referred to as "sentence flow," but to me it’s more of a melody, and while I don’t sing my words in a horrible off-key tune, you can rest assured that I will read every syllable aloud.

But that’s only half of it.

The other half is breathing life into a sentence, to give it the power to inspire, spark a memory, or maybe even conjure up a smile.  

The words I write could form taglines, blurbs, articles, guidelines or fiction, but no matter the format I will travel to the ends of the vocabulary earth to find a melody.

I’ve just described a quick summary of my work, which you can see in greater detail if you browse my portfolio.

Once you’ve done that I’d love to find out more about you — is there something you need written? Or perhaps you have existing words that could use a little more life?

Let’s talk.

Romi Moondi — Copywriter, Editor and Author

PS: Because I skipped the personal bio — dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate, Jane Eyre is the best classical novel, Game of Thrones leaves me breathless, Edward Scissorhands is a timeless classic, and obviously Seinfeld for life.